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Privacy Policy

Introduction and communication

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We will only contact you regarding projects you may be interested in; moreover, we do not sell or share your details with other parties who may send you unsolicited emails or letters/communications. 

If you prefer not to receive certain types of letters or emails from us, we will respect your wishes.


We may, only on very specific occasions and always with your permission to do so, share your details with museums and galleries or relevant partners, for example if a person has donated towards a specific appeal to buy an important work of art for a museum, we will ask at the time of the donation if they will be happy for the museum to get in touch. We also work with a number of trusted suppliers to deliver our goods and services. 

This document details our approach to privacy and how we use and store the information you provide to us. Please read more to find out:

  • how we collect your personal data

  • what information we collect

  • how we use your personal information

  • your rights and how to make a complaint

  • how we protect your information and how long we keep it for

  • who we share your personal information with

Download our privacy policy here

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